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Trial Lessons   


Groups pp

Group Size
Single Winch Launch
Additional winch launches
£20For the same person, when taken on the same day as original flight

Two Winch Launches  
£50(note 1)
Aerotow 2000ft
Aerotow 3000ft
2000ft aerotow + 1 x Winch Launch

Motor Glider
£95  (Minimum 30 minutes airtime)



Winch or Aerotow?

Winching is a great way to get airborne and to enjoy a quick taster of what gliding has to offer. A winch launch is an exhilarating experience as you accelerate faster than a Ferrari and climb to over 1,000ft in around 30 seconds. Most people thoroughly enjoy their first winch launch and describe it as delivering a fantastic adrenaline rush! For a more sedate - but still brilliant! - launch, take an aerotow behind our tug to where you will have the best chance of finding lift and giving you more time to admire the views or fly the glider yourself. Or come and have flight in our Motor Glider and see the local area. Daytime and evening group sessions can be arranged both during the week and at weekends.

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Trial Flights

  All of our trial flights include temporary club membership which allows the recipient to fly at club rates for 2 months. 

Fly in a dual controlled training glider with a qualified glider pilot who will tailor the flight according to your wishes.

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​Trial Flights