The Shenington Regionals 2020

Registration will open at 8pm on Wed Nov 20th.

The Shenington Regionals entry will be by Google Forms. The entry form can be found at:
The form is quite simple and only a minimum amount of information is needed so you don’t need to worry about registering loggers or up-loading files. We will chase you for that later on.
Please note that the entry will open at exactly 20:00 GMT on Wednesday 20th November and any entries received before this time will be excluded. Google forms will time-stamp your entry to the second using their own time servers and the entry and reserve list will be on a first come- first entered basis. If there are multiple entries with the same time stamp we will hold a lottery to determine priority.
NB. Last year some people found that they were presented with ‘I am not a robot’ selection photos when trying to submit, which caused delays. For this reason it may be worth sending a practice submission or two beforehand, to confirm that you are recognised on your device. Any entries sent before the opening time will be discounted, but it would be helpful if you can do any tests well in advance to make it easier to separate out valid entries.  
All being well we will endeavour to publish the entry list on the Shenington Regionals Site within a day or two.
The entry fee will be £220 as last year, and we ask that a deposit of £50 is paid by 21st December, with the balance paid by 28th February 2020.

We look forward to seeing you next summer.

Shenington Regionals 2020

will run from

June 27th to 5th July 2020

Shenington Regionals 2020

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