We have about 90 members of both sexes, all ages and from all walks of life.

A BGA accredited Junior Gliding Centre, we have 20 or so juniors in training.

We rely on the voluntary efforts of members, plus a small staff, to operate.

When not in the air we enjoy informal BBQs, meals and the usual parties.

Everyone mucking in, both in the air and and on the ground keeps costs down and helps make Shenington such a great place to do extraordinary things!

Gliding Courses

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About Shenington - What makes us special?

We are fortunate enough to enjoy a combination of a great site in a fantastic location with a wide range of benefits including a good fleet of club aircraft, excellent launch capabilities, extensive ground facilities, friendly members and staff and an active social scene.

​Trial Flights

Learning to fly with us

There are no age limits on learning to fly but you must be over 14 before you can fly solo. Height and weight restrictions do apply: Minimum height of 4ft 6in (137cm), max 6ft 4in (193cm) minimum weight of 7 stone (44kg), max weight of 16st 4lb (103kg).

You can try one of our 1 to 5 day structured training courses, probably the quickest way to learn. Alternatively simply join the club and fly as often as you can. At the early stages of training it is best if you can fly once a week if possible in order to maintain a good rate of progress.

You will fly in one of our dual control trainers with a qualified Instructor who will take you through a tried and tested syllabus. This starts with lookout and basic aircraft control and then progresses through increasingly advanced excercises including launching, thermalling, circuit planning and landing etc. Until one day the instructor gets out and tells you to do it again - solo!

This is just the start - where you take it from there is up to you. Cross country flying, aerobatics, racing or just floating around the beautiful Oxfordshire skies - it's up to you.

Your progression as a pilot will be monitored by the instructing team throughout your flying career and, who knows? - one day it could be you sending someone off on their own..............

​​​​Shenington Airfield, Rattlecombe Road, Banbury, OX15 6NY   Tel: 01295 680008 / 688121    

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