Gliding Courses

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Fly in a dual controlled training glider with a BGA qualified instructor who will tailor the flight according to your wishes. Choose one or two winch launches or an aerotow up to 3,000ft

Explanatory notes which clarify pricing rules that may not be immediately obvious.

Gliding courses are great fun and a good way to accelerate the training process and bring that magical first solo closer. You will take on average 6 winch launches or the equivalent each day.

Possibly less than you might think!

Our prices are highly competitive, flexible and represent very good value for money. Members can fly for as little as £25 per hour 

How much does it cost to fly at Shenington?

Facility fees cover mundane but essential things such as glider trailer and caravan parking, bunkhouse and camping charges plus glider workshop rental and other incidentals.

Glider flight charges are made up from a one-off launch fee plus a per-minute soaring fee whereas motor glider flights are charged per hour. Instruction is included in flying fees!

A range of annual memberships are available for adults, juniors, students and families plus those who usually fly at another club. Social members can fly up to 5 times a year at club rates.

​Trial Flights

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