Note 1 - Group Trial Lessons

Where the "Two Winch Launches" option is taken, both launches must be taken by the same person

Note 2 - Equivalent Flying

We do our level best to provide the best experience possible and we operate an equivalent flying policy which gives us the flexibility to cope with adverse weather conditions or unforeseen events:
One aerotow to 2,000ft is equivalent to three winch launches or 15 minutes in the motor glider
One aerotow to 3,000ft is equivalent to four winch launches or 20 minutes in the motor glider
For gliding courses, 15 minutes of soaring in an unpowered glider is equivalent to one winch launch. I.e. a launch and a 20 minute soaring flight is the equivalent of two launches.
If we really can’t operate we will, of course, offer a credit for an alternative booking.

Note 3 - Country Membership

Where an individual lives more than 150 miles from the club and is not a member of another BGA club, country membership may be offered at the discretion of the committee, provided the member pays the BGA levy in addition to the country membership fee.

Note 4 - Affordable Gliding

Shenington Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club 

We fully support the promotion and participation in the sport of Gliding. Want to fly with us, but worried about the cost? To discuss options (in confidence), please contact us at

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