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Membership Fees

Memberships are paid annually in April or pro-rata on joining. Unless indicated otherwise, all memberships include: the BGA membership levy, unlimited use of club aircraft at member rates, receipt of instruction and, for those over 16, voting rights  at club general meetings.

​​​​Shenington Airfield, Rattlecombe Road, Banbury, OX15 6NY   Tel: 01295 680008 / 688121    office@shenington-gliding.co.uk    

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Full Membership

£420.00For glider pilots whose primary club is Shenington. Also pilots of powered aircraft based at Shenington

Country Membership

£210.00 For those who hold full membership, or equivalent, of another BGA affiliated club which is their primary club(note 3)

Family Membership

£670.00 For members of the same immediate family and those in a long term relationship

Junior Membership

£60.00For those under 21 on April 1st. or under 26 and in full time education on April 1st

Affordable Gliding
Apply via office@shenington-gliding.co.uk for details(note 5)

Visiting Pilots Membership

Single day  £7.00    

Nine consecutive days  £40.00

 Temporary membership for visiting pilots from other BGA affiliated clubs

Does not include voting rights  (Note 4) 

Social Membership 

Partners and dependants of flying members £0.00

All others £60.00

Allows participation in club social activities. Does not include voting rights

Includes up to 5 launches and instruction at club rates per calendar year

 Standing order admin. fee 

£2.00  per monthPayable if membership fees are paid monthly by standing order.