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Membership Fees

Memberships are paid annually in April or pro-rata on joining. Unless indicated otherwise, all memberships include: the BGA membership levy, unlimited use of club aircraft at member rates, receipt of instruction and, for those over 16, voting rights  at club general meetings.

Full Membership

£455.00(£480s/o)For glider pilots whose primary club is Shenington. Also pilots of powered aircraft based at Shenington

Country Membership

£240.00 For those who hold full membership, or equivalent, of another BGA affiliated club which is their primary club(note 3)

Family Membership

£705.00 (£720s/o)For members of the same immediate family and those in a long term relationship

Junior Membership

£62.00For those under 18 on April 1st of membership year. Includes voting rights if aged 16 or over.

Junior Membership Continued

21 to 26 year olds

£125 Annual membership for those under 21 or in full time education while under 26(Age 1st April 2018)Paid annually in April or pro rata on joining. Juniors over 21 on 30/9/2017 must pay the BGA Levy of £31 in addition
Life Membership
Full membership for the life of the member where all annual membership fees have been replaced by a single on-time payment. This class of membership is available only at the discretion of the Committee as a fee determined by the Committeeand may also be granted to individuals FOC for services rendered
Affordable Gliding
£520 Apply via office@shenington-gliding.co.uk for details(note 4)

Visiting Pilots Membership

Single day  £8.00    

Nine consecutive days  £42.00

 Temporary membership for visiting pilots from other BGA affiliated clubs

Does not include voting rights

Social Membership 

Partners and dependants of flying members £0.00

All others £65.00

Allows participation in club social activities.

Includes up to 5 launches and instruction at club rates per calendar year

 Standing order admin. fee 

£2.50  per monthPayable if membership fees are paid monthly by standing order.

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