Our gliding courses follow a BGA approved syllabus with progression matched to your appetite and aptitude. Each offers 6 winch launches per day, or equivalent (note 2), with an option to buy more launches  if you have the stamina!
At Shenington Gliding Club, everyone helps everyone else to fly. You will be encouraged to join in with the running of the launch point by helping (once shown how) to push aircraft, hold wings, handle cables, or drive retrieve buggies. These are all part of the learning experience and part and parcel of becoming a glider pilot. Safety always comes first, so please always ask if you are at all unsure.

When it is your turn to fly, you will normally have two or three consecutive flights during which exercises will be demonstrated, carried out by you and constructive feedback given by your instructor. You may be sharing an instructor with one (and only one!) other pupil, who will then have two or three flights, while you have a breather and help out at the launch point until it is your turn once again.

At the end of the day’s flying we all help to put the gliders and equipment away. Once the hangar doors are closed, the bar opens, logbooks and progress cards are filled in and experiences shared.  

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Gliding Courses 

 All of our gliding courses include temporary club membership allowing the recipient to fly at club rates for 2 months. 

Gliding courses are great fun and a good way to accelerate the training process to bring that magical first solo closer.

Gliding Courses

Gliding Courses

May, Jun, Jul. & Aug.

Apr & Sep.

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Junior Courses
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